Umi no Budo

Umi no Budo translates as "The Martial Way of the Sea."

This system is appropriate for students who are interested in elite-level physical fitness, hard-style martial arts, and the cultivation of the individual over an extended period of time. It is more like "karate class." 

We commit to:

  • Seek perfection of character
  • Be faithful and defend truth
  • Cultivate an indestructible spirit
  • Respect others
  • Refrain from violent behavior

Suitable for ages 8+

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Nami Bujutsu

Nami Bujutsu translates as "Wave Martial Arts"

This system is appropriate for students who have a more immediate need for practical self-protection. There is still a strong emphasis on physical/mental fitness and non-violence. It is more like "self-defense classes."

Students will learn:

  • Survive & escape
  • Fight to survive
  • Basic weapons
  • Non-destructive control
  • Non-violent service

Suitable for ages 12+

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