Why Meditate?

Mindfulness is a skill that has profound effects when properly cultivated. You may have heard of it before, but maybe you didn't know...

Mindfulness is also known as Zen.

Zen Mind is the unleashed potential of the human mind, full of infinite possibility; it is flexible and strong.

Zen training allows us to choose our responses to stimulus instead of automatically reacting to it. We are no longer overcome by stress, fear or anxiety and instead can calmly extract the deeper information from what is happening around us. With this clear insight we can better structure our lives, choose responses that truly reflect who we are, and free ourselves to live deeply fulfilling lives.

As your mindfulness coach I will work with you to develop this capacity in direct relationship to your life. This is not some vague or cookie cutter program, but a highly personalized and profoundly transformational method. For this reason Mindfulness Coaching is offered by appointment only.

It is important to remember that Zen is only being truly practiced when the mindfulness cultivated during our meditation manifests in our day-to-day activities. A Zen life is characterized by deep relationships, genuine caring, radical self-acceptance and fearless authenticity. 

It sounds pretty nice, doesn't it? But how can we get from where we are to where this is? Well, step-by-step! 

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Our Zen practice is rooted in the Hollow Bones Zen Order founded by Jun Po Denis Kelly. Our Hollow Bones are the structure that support our Zen practice and guide us in understanding and actualizing our potential to embody compassionate wisdom. The keystone of this practice is the Mondo Zen Koan system. You can learn more about the Mondo and the Hollow Bones Order at: www.mondozen.org

Dan became a Priest in the order on June 10th, 2019.

If you have a bad script for your life, fire your scriptwriter! 

Hire a new one. 

- Jun Po Roshi

Get Started!

Zazen means "sitting Zen" and is an exercise that allows a student to develop Zen mind. On the surface, zazen practice follows a simple procedure. 

  1. Make a place to sit. 
  2. Sit, with good posture, in still silence.
  3. Stay completely engaged in the present moment.
  4. Stand up, straighten up, carry on.

Listen to my Concentration-Meditation Practice Podcast episode for more details.

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